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GO!Enterprise MDM Server v3.8.1 is now available!
Posted by Heather Burkett on 11 May 2015 01:51 PM

GO!Enterprise MDM v3.8.1 is now available!

*** Attention: Running GO!Enterprise MDM on Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported. ***

Use the Update Manager to apply the upgrade to 3.8.1.

Note: If upgrading from a version older than 3.8.0, do not perform the re-encryption until after all updates have been applied.

The GO!Enterprise MDM Server update includes the following:

  • Upgraded PHP to 5.6.6
  • Removed Managed Apps from Policy suites
    • Local Groups corresponding to each Policy Suite will be created during the upgrade and users will be assigned to the appropriate Local Group.
  • Certificate Management
    • Added the ability to have iOS devices that use certificates issued by GO!Enterprise MDM authenticate VPN connections.
  • Shared Users
    • Added enrollment for DEP devices
    • Added the ability to remove a Shared user from the Dashboard
  • Added the following policies for Android OS 5
    • Allow screen capture
    • Password with no repeating numbers
  • Added the ability to provision the GO!Enterprise MDM app as a Device Owner app in Android OS 5.
  • Added a 'Help' link next to 'Logout' in the Desktop User Self-Administration Portal.
  • Removed the "Allow YouTube" setting for iOS devices from Policy Suites.
  • Fixed issues causing Kiosk mode on an Android Samsung KNOX device to be unstable.
  • Fixed an issue where the alert for "iOS APN Connectivity" did not display correctly in the Alerts grid.
  • Fixed an issue where a second Apple DEP device enrolled to a user displayed on the Users and Devices Grid in the "Apple DEP Device" column as 'No'.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.

We are also pleased to announce updated v.3.8.2 apps for iOS and Android devices!