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GO!Enterprise MDM v3.8.0 is now available!
Posted by Heather Burkett on 02 April 2015 02:17 PM

GO!Enterprise MDM v3.8.0 is now available!

*** Attention: This is the last version that will support Windows Server 2003. ***

Use the Update Manager to apply the upgrade to 3.8.0.

The GO!Enterprise MDM Server update includes the following:

  • Added Certificate Management
    • Added the ability to configure one or more Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Authorities on the GO!MDM Server.
    • Added the ability to add, edit and remove Certificate Templates.
    • Added the ability to revoke and re-issue certificates.
    • Added the ability to view a list of certificates issued by the Certificate server.
    • Added the ability to view a list of certificates issued for each user.
    • Implemented the ability to use with iOS ActiveSync, Exchange, Wifi and VPN configurations.
  • Added Cisco ISE support
    • Added the ability to enroll a device via Cisco ISE and communicate with GO!MDM.
    • Added the ability to restrict network access by non-compliant devices. "Network Access" has been added as a Restriction option under Corporate Resources in Compliance Manager.
    • Added violation checks in Device Platform Restrictions -> Android in Compliance Manager to restrict if passcode is not initiated on device and if passcode is not compliant with data protection.
    • Added the ability to make an Organization admin an ISE Admin.
  • FIPS Compliance
    • The MDM database can be re-encrypted to use Safelogic libraries for encryption.
    • Re-encryption can be done via the Update Manager on the GO!MDM server.
    • After the data has been re-encrypted to use the Safelogic libraries, the GO!MDM About section within the Dashboard will show "Cryptography: FIPS 140-2 certified AES encryption."
  • Added Shared Devices Support
    • Added the ability to add a shared user to the Dashboard.
    • Added the ability to enroll an Android or iOS device with the shared user's credentials to the GO!MDM server.
    • Added the ability to have a non-shared user Sign-in/Sign-out to their account from the shared device and have it tracked on the GO!MDM server.
  • Added the iOS Activation Lock feature
    • The Device Activation Lock feature is controlled through the Find My iPhone setting on the device.
    • Added the Activation Lock status to Device Information.
    • Added the ability to send the Activation Lock from the Device Panel or from Device Profile Security.
    • An "Allow Activation Lock" setting was placed under Supervised Mode. This determines if the device can be locked with Find My iPhone.
  • Added the ability to assign the WiFi resource to Local user groups.
  • Added the ability to upload an APN certificate that can be used with the device app when the app is distributed as an Enterprise app.
  • Added the ability to install recommended or force pushed iOS App Store apps to a device when the "Allow Installation of unmanaged apps" setting is enabled and the "Allow App Store" setting is disabled. Note: This functionality will only work with iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices.
  • Added the ability to automate most of the APN creation process from within the Dashboard.
  • Implemented the KNOX Device policy for the blacklisting and whitelisting of apps.
  • Implemented the KNOX Workspace policy for the blacklisting and whitelisting of apps.
  • Added the ability to send an APN or GCM message to a user from the Device Panel in the Dashboard by adding the "Send Notification" hyperlink under Messaging.
  • Moved the following iOS policies out of Supervised Mode as they pertain to all iOS devices now.
    • Allow Global Background Fetch while roaming
    • Force iTunes store password entry
    • Force pairing password for outgoing AirPlay requests
  • Fixed an issue where the ProfileList command for iOS devices gets stuck in-flight.
  • Fixed an issue where an Organization admin is logged out of the Dashboard when trying to assign an Exchange corporate resource.
  • Fixed an issue with the Audit Trail table in the database to ensure the correct interface is being logged for the actions.
  • Fixed an issue where the contents of the Organization default drop downs did not refresh when another organization was selected.
  • Fixed an issue with reports not displaying foreign characters correctly.
  • Fixed a display issue where the "0 users were found" dialog could appear when uploading, disabling or deleting an APN certificate in the Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the device camera would not enable when the Allow camera policies under Device Control and Samsung KNOX Workspace are initially set to No, then are set to Yes.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.

We are also pleased to announce support for the following Android devices!

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini (Vodafone)
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (Vodafone)