Configuring LDAP for Remote Lookup
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 12 November 2009 09:50 AM

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LDAP Servers are used for the Remote Lookup feature, which allows users to search the System Address Book from their device.  Once LDAP Servers are defined, an LDAP server can be specified for each user. This is done when adding a new user or editing a user through the Administrative Web console under User Administration -> Edit User.

A list of all LDAP servers in use with the Enterprise Server is displayed in the LDAP Servers dialog. Here you can add or remove servers, or edit server properties.  You also have the ability to view the LDAP Server list by user class.  By selecting a User Class, the listing changes to include only the server(s) used by the members in that class.

Adding an LDAP Server

1.  From the Server Administration page, select LDAP Servers -> Add LDAP Server.

2.  Enter the LDAP Server Name, Address and Port.

3.  Enter the LDAP Server Type.  This is the collaboration suite with which the LDAP server is associated.

4.  Enter the BaseDN.  This is a location, the DN (Distinguished Name) of the entry at which to start a lookup search.

5.  Check the SSL or the TLS box if either is enabled on the LDAP server.

6.  Enter the Username and Password with which the LDAP server will be accessed for remote lookups.

7.  Select a User Class from the pull down list.  Associating a user class will limit access of this LDAP server to the members in that class.

8.  Use the Edit LDAP Attributes button to open a dialog where LDAP attribute mappings can be edited.
If there are any questions about what settings to include in the web you can use an LDAP browser such as Softerra to compare settings.