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Email address required for Meeting Invitation
Posted by - NA - on 06 July 2009 10:46 AM

In Meeting Maker version 8.6 there was a new feature added that required every user created to have a foreign email address that is set up by the email administrator. Since Meeting Maker does not have email, this feature was added for email contacts.

For older versions of Meeing Maker or when upgrading to version 8.6 from an older version, this value was not required, so the foreign email address field may be left blank. We recommend creating this email address for the users in order to use Meeting Invitations.

NotifyLink requires the email address in Meeting Maker 8.6 so that invitations created from the device will successfully sync. This is necessary because when a meeting invitation is sent from the NotifyLink device client, it sends email addresses for the attendees. NotifyLink PIM then sends the email addresses to Meeting Maker, which does a lookup to determine which Meeting Maker users match the email addresses sent up from the device. If there is no email address within Meeting Maker, the meeting invitation will fail.