After a server migration, users may need to reload items on the device
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 11:45 AM

When server settings have changed on the NotifyLink server, users will experience the following behavior and may need to make adjustments in order to continue synchronizing.

ActiveSync users will experience the following:
Items that existed on the device before the server change will be removed.  New items will automatically synchronize down. This applies to email, calendar events, contacts, and tasks (if applicable).
If new items do not begin to synchronize or older items are not removed, take the following action:

-On an iPhone/iPod/iPad: Turn synchronization off and then on again from Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > (your Notify profile)

-On a WindowsMobile device:  Windows Mobile devices may indicate that an error has occurred when server migration has taken place.
    Clicking on "Attention required" shows error details indicating that synchronization could not be completed.
    Details also offer a remedy for the condition:  Delete and re-create the device's "Sync Relationships."
       1. From the ActiveSync Client menu, select Options, then choose the "Microsoft Exchange" sync relationship.  
       2. Open the menu and select "Delete."
       3. Re-register the account.  The device should synchronize correctly once this is completed.

-On a WebOS (Palm Pre) device:  The Palm Pre will cease to synchronize contacts when server migration has taken place. 
    Remove the Exchange ActiveSync account that is synchronizing with NotifyLink and add it again.  
       1. Open Email.
       2. Open the application menu and select Preferences & Accounts
       3. Select the Exchange account and tap Remove Account.
       4. Re-create the account.

-On an Android device with TouchDown:  The TouchDown client will cease to synchronize PIM items when a server migration has taken place.

  1. Open the TouchDown Calendar menu and select Refresh.
  2. Open the TouchDown Contact menu and select Refresh All.
  3. Open the TouchDown Task menu and select Refresh.
  4. Open the TouchDown Inbox menu and select Sync.
  5. Wait for the Inbox synchronization to complete.

All other users will experience the following:
Email received prior to the server change will remain on the device, however, Replies or Forwards performed on these messages will fail
Events, contacts, tasks existing prior to the server change will remain on the device, however, changes applied to these items will fail. 
Perform an OTA from the NotifyLink menu to refresh your device with events, contacts, or tasks from the new server.

-On a BlackBerry device:  Select the NotifyLink icon.  Click the menu button and select PIM Load.  See also the NotifyLink for BlackBerry guide.

-On a Palm OS device:  Select the NotifyLink icon.  Tap the title bar and select OTA Load from the PIM drop-down menu.  See also the NotifyLink for Palm OS Devices guide.

-On a Symbian S60, 3 device:  From the main NotifyLink menu, select OTA Load.  See also the NotifyLink for Symbian Series 60, 3rd Edition guide.

-On a Windows Mobile device:  Selct Start > Programs > NotifyLink Preferences.  Select OTA Load Settings.  See also the NotifyLink for Windows Mobile guide.