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How to change SSL certificate on NotifySCM server
Posted by Bernard Chandler on 01 June 2018 03:59 PM

This article describe how to update the SSL certificate on NotifySCM in order to allow SSL connection from a reverse proxy or directly from devices.

Updating the certificate

Step 1: Download SSL tool "portecle"

The portecle tool is part of the NotifySCM installer in the tools folder or you can download it from (

Step 2: Update the certificate

    Open the file SENSE_HOME/conf/server.xml, look for the keystorePass and copy it
    Start the application portecle
    Open the keystore (keystore.jks) in the folder NotifySCM_HOME/conf
    Enter the password for the keystore you copied from keystorePass
    Delete the first key pair entry (right click -> Delete)
    Import the new keypair (Tools -> Import Key Pair)
    Select your certificate and enter the password you chose when you exported it from your provider
    When you are requested to enter a password, enter the password you copied from keystorePass
    Save the keystore (File -> Save Keystore)

Step 3: Restart the server

    Open the Services manager
    Find the service SENSE-SERVER
    Right click on it and press Restart

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