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Android device attempting TouchDown enrollment hangs
Posted by Heather Burkett on 30 October 2014 11:31 AM


When attempting to enroll an Android device using TouchDown, the prompt to Enroll TouchDown will appear as a notification.  When the Enroll TouchDown notification prompt is used to complete the enrollment, the process may take a significant amount of time or time out.


When the "Archive device file list" feature under Audit Tracking is turned on in the Policy Suite, the device attempts to fulfill the request at the time of setup. Because this process can take a long time, it delays the TouchDown enrollment prompt and makes the device appear to freeze or hang.


If you do not need to receive the file list from the device, disable the "Archive device file list" feature in the Policy Suite.  This will allow enrollment to occur quickly. 

If you do need to receive the file list from the device, instruct users not to attempt the TouchDown enrollment from the notification prompt.  Instead, dismiss the notification and use the "Enroll TouchDown" button in the NotifyMDM app (Settings > TouchDown Settings, then select Enroll TouchDown). This will prevent the delay.