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How Apple App Store regulations affect functionality in NotifyMDM 2.3.0 or greater
Posted by on 12 April 2012 03:57 PM

Apple’s acceptable use policy does not allow some types of functionality in NotifyMDM v2.3.0 server software and NotifyMDM for iOS device application. The Apple policy affects the following:  

  • NotifyMDM for iOS device application cannot run in the background on a user’s iOS device, therefore users should be instructed to open the NotifyMDM app on a daily basis and allow it to complete a synchronization cycle. 
    Location and the following device statistics are not updated unless the device application synchronizes:
    • Battery/Charging Status
    • Downloaded Data (any network)
    • Downloaded Data (cellular network)
    • Downloaded Data (WiFi)
    • GMT Offset
    • Jailbroken
    • Unique ID
    • NotifyMDM App Language
    • NotifyMDM App Version
    • OS Language
    • Timezone
    • Uploaded Data (any network)
    • Uploaded Data (cellular network)
    • Uploaded Data (WiFi)
    • Last Device Boot Time (Device Local)
  • Since Jailbroken status may not be regularly reported, the Compliance Manager setting that restricts jailbroken devices can no longer be reliably enforced.  You may wish to disable this restriction. 


  • Several Compliance Manager “Access Restrictions” have been moved into “Device Platform Restrictions” to alleviate issues caused by the required changes to the iOS device application.  The restrictions that have been migrated to Device Platform Restrictions include:
    • Restrict if policy out of date
    • Restrict if location not updated
    • Restrict user NotifyMDM connections

Because attempting to migrate all restrictions from “Access Restrictions” to “Device Platform Restrictions” could unintentionally restrict devices, restrictions may be changed during the upgrade.  After upgrading the server, administrators should verify the current resource restrictions are as desired, or correct them as needed. 

  • If you are using the Compliance Manager to restrict devices that do not make NotifyMDM connections or update location data, you may wish to disable the Device Platform Restrictions described above for iOS devices only, in order to prevent iOS users from being restricted due to infrequent NotifyMDM connections or location data updates.


Once updates to version 2.3.0 software are completed, users may explore options for regaining the iOS device functionality lost due to this Apple App Store regulation.  Please contact Notify Technology Technical Support for details.