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Known issues on Vodafone LG-P350 and LG-P500
Posted by on 11 August 2011 09:16 AM

The following are known issues on the Vodafone LG-P350 and LG-P500:

1. This issue occurs on when a policy update on the NotifyMDM server changes the device password requirements. 

Though the user is prompted on the device for a new password, the device allows the user to press the Back button or choose Cancel and return to the screen they were on prior to the prompt.  Thus, the user is able to bypass the required password change.

2. Minimum number of complex characters is not enforced.  Users are able to create a password with fewer complex characters than specified in the policy rule.

3. The NotifyMDM device application does not initially synchronize after it is registered, unless a soft reset is performed on the device.