Knowledgebase: NotifyMDM Server
NotifyMDM systems interfacing with Office 365 must use an SMTP server other than the Office 365 default
Posted by on 08 August 2011 03:00 PM


The NotifyMDM system, when interfacing with Office 365, will not send individual/group emails or enrollment welcome letters if it is configured to use the Office 365 default SMTP server.  Users will not receive these email messages on the device or on the mail server.


Currently, NotifyMDM does not work with Office 365’s default SMTP server.  However, if NotifyMDM uses an alternate SMTP server to send email, users will successfully receive messages.

NotifyMDM On-Premise users can configure NotifyMDM to use their own SMTP server or the SMTP server built in to Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

NotifyMDM On-Demand users can configure NotifyMDM to use Notify Technology Corporation’s SMTP server.