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Check encryption requirements if mail fails to synchronize on Android tablets
Posted by on 01 August 2011 02:17 PM

This issue affects Android tablet devices running Honeycomb (OS 3.0 and above), such as the Motorola Xoom and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. 

Users who experience the failure of mail synchronization on a tablet using the native Android mail application should check his/her company encryption requirements.  When the Require Device Encryption policy rule is enabled on the server, a prompt to initiate the encryption displays on the device only once.   Should the user miss this prompt and not initiate the encryption, the mail synchronization will continue to fail.

Start the encryption by selecting the Encrypt tablet option from the device Settings.  Encryption will take an hour or more and the user is instructed to fully charge the device and leave it plugged in until the encryption is completed.   Interrupting the encryption could result in the loss of some or all of the user’s data.