Knowledgebase: Android Devices
Notes on the "Last Sync Data" available for Android devices
Posted by Donna DeEulio on 29 March 2011 03:44 PM

The Last Sync Data section of the NotifyMDM User Profile may not display statistics for Android devices as expected.  The following list explains how device functionality affects the information displayed for these statistics:

Device IMEI
Only global networks (GSM) give the devices an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).  CDMS networks do not.  Therefore, this statistic will be blank for devices not using GSM networks.

Battery Level
Some devices may display an incorrect battery level.  For example, the battery may be fully charged, but display only 90%.  This is a known issue with some Android devices and may indicate that the battery needs to be recalibrated.   The recalibration process involves completely draining the battery until it shuts off, turning the device on again and letting it power off, and then completely charging it while powered off.

Signal Strength
Android devices running OS versions 1.5 or 1.6 may not report a valid signal strength.  Therefore, this statistic may display a zero (0).

Device Encrypted
If "Require Device Encryption" is enabled, Android devices running the TouchDown app will encrypt only the TouchDown data.  Since not all data is encrypted this statistic displays 'No' for Android devices using TouchDown.