Email sent to a distribution list
Posted by Heather Burkett on 30 June 2010 12:46 PM

When I send an email from my NotifyLink connected device to a distribution list the email is not delivered.

NotifyLink does not support sending email to a personal distribution list.  It may be that the distribution list you are using is a mail group and not a fully qualified email address.  The solution for this is to create a fully qualified email address that can be emailed externally for groups that you frequently email. 

On the server, you have created a personal mail group that sends to all of your sales employees called "SalesStaff."  The group is not a fully qualified email address, but a heading under which you have grouped a list of email addresses. (A coworker could not use this type of distribution list as it is associated only with your personal account.)  However, if you create an email address that can be emailed from anywhere externally, such as then your device can successfully send to that address.