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Google Android Policy Update - SMS and Call Log permissions
Posted by Bernard Chandler on 24 January 2019 11:50 AM

Google Play Developer Policy Center announced changes related to SMS and Call Log permissions. Android apps such as NotifyMDM ask for permission to access a user's phone (including call logs) and SMS data. Going forward, Google Play will limit which apps are allowed to ask for these permissions. Only an app that has been selected as a user's default app for making calls or text messages will be able to access call logs and SMS, respectively.

This Policy change will affect all MDM vendors, including NotifyMDM.  In compliance with the Google Play Store policy change NotifyMDM will be removing support for call and SMS logging with in the NotifyMDM android application and the NotifyMDM dashboard.  This change will go into effect February 1, 2019.

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