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GO!Enterprise MDM v3.9.2 is now available!
Posted by Heather Burkett on 14 September 2015 02:41 PM

GO!Enterprise MDM v3.9.2 is now available!

Use the Update Manager to apply the upgrade to 3.9.2.

The GO!Enterprise MDM Server update includes the following:

  • Additional Windows 8.1/10 Functionality
    • Reset PIN
    • Disable Device
    • Connection Schedules
    • ActiveSync configuration of the Native email app
    • Location Tracking
    • Allow Bluetooth Discovery
    • Passport for Work
    • New Management Policies
    • Added Device Feature Policies
    • Application Policies
    • Added a Windows Phone icon in the Mini Admin
    • Added Email unlock PIN option for Remote Lock in the Mini Admin
    • Added Email unlock PIN link for Remote Lock in the Mini Admin which can be used at any time to send the most recently generated PIN
    • Added the ability to handle an Ownership value of 'Unknown' that may be returned during enrollment of a Windows device
  • iOS 8.x/9 Additions
    • VPP changes
    • DEP Enrollment Optimizations
    • Additional Policies
      • Force Watch Wrist Detection
      • Unmanaged Air Drop
      • Allow iCloud Photo Library
    • Additional Supervised Policies
      • iOS 8.x Policies
        • Allow Definition Lookup
        • Allow Predictive Keyboard
        • Allow Auto Correction
        • Allow Spell Check
      • iOS 9 Policies
        • Allow Keyboard Shortcuts
        • Allow Paired Watch
        • Allow Passcode Modification
        • Allow Device Name Modification
        • Allow Wallpaper Modification
        • Allow Automatic App Downloads
        • Allow Enterprise App Trust
    • Added the ability to change the state of an already installed app from Unmanaged to Managed
  • Miscellaneous Dashboard Changes
    • Added the ability to assign Web Clips to Local groups for iOS devices.
    • Added the ability to assign a VPN to Local groups for iOS devices.
    • Added the Remove Managed Profile option under Resource Control in Policy Suites.
    • The Admin Role permission Group E-mailing has been renamed to Group Notifications to match the label under Organization Control.
    • Added the ability to resize columns on "Assign to Groups/Folders" within Managed Apps. Also added Search capabilities.
  • PHP upgrade to 5.6.12.
  • SAML authentication is now independent from ActiveSync/LDAP authentication. The same domain name can now be entered in the Dashboard for both SAML and ActiveSync/LDAP authentication.
  • UI changes to the Android and iOS Managed Apps page for handling Pending and Installed states.
  • Updated the Calendar Zoom Size policy for TouchDown to support calendar zoom of up to 500%.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed hands-off enrollment to be enabled on an ActiveSync server without defining a domain.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Managed Apps installed through local groups to remain on the device after the user was removed from the local group.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Managed App web clip to be assigned to users regardless of their liability type as long as they belonged to a local group/LDAP group/folder.
  • Fixed an issue causing enrollment of DEP devices to fail if the SQL instance had a different collation than the MDM database.
  • Fixed an Alert Settings service error in the Compliance Manager that occurred logged in as an Organization admin.
  • Fixed a general service error that occurred when an Organization Admin attempted to add a new GO!Enterprise Workspace configuration.
  • Fixed sort functionality in the DEP Devices grid.
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Column search in the Smart Devices and Users grid that caused only 100 users to be returned when more than 100 were available.
  • Fixed an issue where a General Service Error was displayed when an organization Admin navigated to Managed Apps or tried to remove an iOS app.

We are also pleased to announce GO!Enterprise MDM for Android app v3.9.2.