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GO!Enterprise Workspace v2.7 is now available!
Posted by Athanasios Varvouzos on 01 September 2015 05:35 AM

Check for updates to apply v2.7

The GO!Enterprise Workspace v2.7 update includes the following:

  • Provide Windows 10 compatibility to Workspace app for those devices running Windows 8.1 and above
  • Upgrade of the GO!Enterprise Workspace Server installer/configurator to include all the necessary binaries
  • Extend Files app with access to Box cloud storage (
  • Introduces Secure Office, the Workspace embedded secure office files previewer/editor, for Windows Phone and Windows devices running Workspace
  • Added the ability to view Workspace push notification from Apple & Google Watches
  • Added the ability to push Workspace app through GO!Enterprise MDM administration environment to manage it as an app and auto-provision users
  • Added the ability to import users within GO!Enterprise Workspace Server administration environment, using a common but structured csv file type
  • Added the ability to export Workspace Administration reports to csv file type
  • Added the ability to edit and manage GO!Enterprise Workspace Server user invitation
  • Support 3rd party Proxy Servers (Squid, Nginx etc.) to overcome the use of the embedded Secure Intranet Gateway (SIG) Proxy Server

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