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GO!AppZone v2.7 is now available!
Posted by Athanasios Varvouzos on 06 August 2015 09:16 AM

In our effort to enable developers with the industry’s best mobile app development platform and cloud services, we are pleased to announce the availability of GO!AppZone version 2.7. This version introduces new and powerful features:

  • Native-code Plugins Gain access to additional native device capabilities, 3rd party SDK’s and native-code components to unleash the full power of the device through your app. Support for native-code plugins is now available in the GO!AppZone API, Studio IDE and GO!AppZone Build cloud service.
  • Audio and Video API Seamlessly playback and record audio and video files across all supported platforms using native functionality.
  • Push Notification REST API Use a REST-based web service which allows third-party systems to send push notifications to an app. This feature is available on our mobile back-end server and our MBaaS (available by the end of July 2015).
  • Local notifications Use your app to alert the user of special conditions or notifications.
  • Mobile User Analytics Monitor app usage behavior using Google Mobile Analytics. This capability requires a Google Analytics account.
  • Read/Write files to local storage Read and write files locally on the device in binary or text format.
  • Mobile client environment contextual awareness Conditionally execute native code plugin calls depending on the environment (testing app, GO!Enterprise Workspace, HTML simulator or native app).
  • File exchange with web servers Upload/Download files to/from 3rd party web servers using HTTP.
  • App Update control Take programmatic control of over-the-air app updates including the UI interaction with user.
  • Device vibration API support included.
  • ShowTime client file browser View files stored locally on the device.
  • GO!AppZone Deploy Deploy your apps using our production ready MBaaS that will be released by the end of July 2015. All GO!AppZone platform components have been updated for compatibility with GO!AppZone Deploy.

In addition to these major new features, we have included several improvements, bug fixes and performance enhancements.

For a detailed list of improvements and bug fixes please refer to the release notes for version 2.7 which can be found here. Also, if you plan to develop or use native-code plugins, make sure that you check out our new Plugins SDK Reference guide.

The latest versions of GO!AppZone Studio, GO!AppZone ShowTime, the Secure Intranet Gateway and the new Native-code Plugins SDK are available in the Downloads section.

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