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Java.lang.illigalStateException error after upgrading Blackberry OS
Posted by Heather Burkett on 08 December 2009 02:57 PM

Problem:  After performing the wireless OS update on a BlackBerry device, it is now returning the following error:

  UnreadMessages: URL not created 

1. Toggle the network setting from the setting being used to another setting and save the change, then change the setting back and save again.
 a. This can be adjusted on the Blackberry within the GO!NotifyLink or GO!NotifySync client by going into Menu -> Preferences -> Push Settings
 b. Adjust the Network Setting option from its current option to something else.
 c. Then toggle the network setting back to the original setting and save again.
2. This should resolve the issue but if it does not, verify that content protection is disabled on the device.
 a. Content protection is located on the Blackberry under Options -> Security Options -> General Options -> Content Protection
 b. If Content Protection is enabled, disable this and save the change.
 c. GO!NotifyLink and GO!NotifySync do not currently support Content Protection being enabled.