WM AS and webOS AS calendars may not show accepted invitations
Posted by Donna DeEulio on 03 December 2009 03:55 PM

A meeting invitation sent to a Windows Mobile ActiveSync or webOS ActiveSync device appears in the device calendar once the invitation is accepted on the device.  In order for invitations accepted on the server to affect the device calendar similarly, a setting on NotifyLink Calendar Sync Rule must be configured properly.  If the user accepts the invitation on the server and does not have the NotifyLink Calendar Sync Rules set properly, the item will remain in the device Inbox and will not populate the device calendar unless the user also responds to the invitation on the device.

To avoid this, it is recommended that users set their NotifyLink Calendar Sync Rule to delete invitations from the device Inbox when they have been responded to on the server.  This will result in the automatic removal of the invitation from the device Inbox and the addition of the event to the device calendar when the user responds from the server.

From the NotifyLink Client Web:

1.) Select PIM > Calendar
2.) Set the Delete Invitations From Device option to:  All Responded
Any meeting invitation to which you respond on the server will be removed from the device Inbox.  If you have responded with "Tentative" or "Accepted" the event will be added to the device calendar.

Exchange users see also KB article # 1096