SQL Server Alert; Severity 50001, Proiority 7 SQL Server Agent is Functioning
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 16 November 2009 05:39 PM


Once NotifyLink is installed and the SQLServerAgent Service is running, administrator's will receive an email report in regards to a SQL Server Alert.  This email report will show Severity 50001, Priority 7 SQLServerAgent is Functioning.


This alert is just a daily report, however as long as the alert does state that the Agent is "Functioning" that is the main concern and this alert is 'safe'.

If the report would show that the agent is failing or not functioning, please contact GO!NotifyLink Technical Support for assistance.

If an administrator would prefer not to get this report, you can go into the SQL Manager (SQL Enterprise Server, DBAMgr2K, SQL Server Express) then expand the tree on the left, looking for the Management Folder.  From Here you will go Management -> SQL Server Agent -> Jobs.  Within Jobs you will see a 'Custom Monitor: SQLAgent Heartbeat.'  This is the service that is sending this report and can be disabled by going to the Properties of the Job itself and then making sure to choose Apply.