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Multiple group support for contacts
Posted by - NA - on 29 June 2009 01:19 PM
NotifyLink Enterprise Server 4.6 has added support for multiple groups for contacts in Google. A contact that is created on the Google server can be part of one or more groups which are similar to labels for mail. Below is an outline of how multiple groups in Google are synchronized to device and any current issues:

  1. Every contact created on the server is part of the group 'My Contacts'. Contacts cannot be removed from this group and are always members.
  2. A contact can be part of any other group that has been created. For each group that the contact belong to, a new instance of that contact will be synchronized to the device with a category pertaining to that group. i.e If a contact belongs to My Contacts and a group called Business, then two copies of the contact will be present on the device: one in a category called My Contacts and another in a category called Business
  3. Each copy on the device will be identical and relates to a single contact on the Google server. Because of this, any change to any of the instances on the device will result in updates being sent to the device for the other instances. i.e. Continuing the example above, if you were to edit the contact in the Business category, a change would be sent back down to the device for the contact in My Contacts which would update it so that it was identical to the one you changed in Business.
  4. If you create a contact in a new category on the device, that contact will be synchronized to the server, the new group will be created and the contact will be a member of both the newly created group and 'My Contacts' (since all contacts are a member of that group).

ISSUES: The only issue currently occurs when you move a contact from one category to another on the device. This change in group membership will not be reflected on the server. i.e. If you change a contact's category from Business to Personal, the contact will remain a member of 'My Contacts' and 'Business' and will not become part of the 'Personal' group.