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Windows Mobile 5 Device Relocks After Being Unlocked
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 16 November 2009 02:57 PM

Windows Mobile 5:

This issue has to do with a Windows Mobile 5 device that has been issued a security lock command from the server.

After unlocking the device with the user password, the device may shut off and relock again. 
If you experience this, follow the instructions below to keep this from reoccurring:


1. Enter the password to unlock your device.

2. Open NotifyLink Preferences > Push Settings

3. Set both the Weekday and Weekend to "None".

4. Close the Push Settings screen.

5. Open the device's security settings (NOT NotifyLink Preferences/Security Settings), set the device to not lock.

6. Open NotifyLink Preferences > Push Settings

7. Set the Weekday and Weekend time to their previous values.

8. Close the Push Settings Screen.