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Battery Charging Instructions for BlackBerry devices
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 16 November 2009 11:34 AM


1. If the BlackBerry device is charging through the USB port attached to a computer
it will not charge unless you have the USBdriver for the BlackBerry device
installed on the PC. The usb driver is installed with the BlackBerry
Desktop Software. So if you have the Desktop Manager installed, you will be able to charge.

2. If the device is plugged into a laptop computer it may not charge
depending on the power management settings defined in windows.

3. The device will not charge if it connected to the PC through a USB
hub. It must be connected directly to the PC.

4. If the device is having issues charging through the PC it may be
better to use the wall charger that came with the device. The same usb cable
plugs into the wall adapter for charging.