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Posted by Matt Kuebler on 16 November 2009 11:33 AM


Before you begin setting up the NotifyLink service, please take time to review the following guides. They will help your installation process as well as using the service.

NotifyLink Client Documentation Installing the NotifyLink Client via your device browser: BlackBerry Phone Over-The-Air Installation Guide
Installing the NotifyLink Client via your desktop software with the cradle: BlackBerry Phone Wired Installation Guide
Registering Your Device: BlackBerry Phone Registration
Using the NotifyLink Client: BlackBerry Phone User Guide

BlackBerry Phone Data Service BlackBerry uses the BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) gateway to establish an http connection to the NotifyLink server. This feature is supported on OS 4.0 and later devices that are being used on carriers that support BIS.

To check if the device supports BIS look for a service book named "IPPP for BIBS":
• Select "Options" from the main screen.
• Select the "Service Book" option.
• If there is a service book named "IPPP for BIBS" the carrier supports BIS and the BlackBerry setting can be used. If you do not see this setting, please contact your carrier to get BIS setup.

GO!NotifyLink Client Download and Installation
• Download the NotifyLink Client software. In your device web browser, go to the following link:
• Select BlackBerry Phone Devices.
• Check the boxes to install the Dynoplex Viewers for attachment viewing.
After installing the device software, you will need to register the device.