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Blackberry network setting is not working when using SSL
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 13 November 2009 11:31 AM



If the BlackBerry (BIS) network setting is used in the NotifyLink application on BlackBerry devices the NotifyLink client is not able to connect to the NotifyLink server if Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used.


By default the BlackBerry network setting tries to establish a "proxy" SSL connection that means that data is not encrypted between the device and the BlackBerry gateway but is encrypted between the BlackBerry Internet Service gateway and the destination server.  Proxy connections are not allowed by the BlackBerry Internet Service gateway.


To resolve this issue the "TLS default" (TLS is an extension of SSL) setting on the BlackBerry device needs changed from "Proxy" to "Handheld".  Use the steps below to change this setting:


1.  Select "Options" icon from the main device screen (Note: depending on the theme being used on the device "Options" may be under the "Settings" icon on the main screen).

2.  Select the "Security Options" option.

3.  Select the "TLS" security option.

4.  Change the "TLS Default" setting from "Handheld" to "Proxy" (Note: to scroll through options either press the space bar or select "Change Option" from the menu).

5.  Select "Save" from the menu.


Additional Info:

When the "Handheld" TLS Default setting is selected the device establishes an "End To End" SSL session with the NotifyLink server and data is not in plain text or decrypted on any intermediate gateways or proxies.