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Java.Lang and Other Lib errors when installing on BB OS Ver. 4.2.x and up.
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 13 November 2009 11:24 AM


Problem: On blackberry devices that are running the 4.2.x system software and above ( BB 8100 series, 8800 series & 8300 series). After installing the NotifyLink client software using the OTA (Over The Air) method, the device will reboot but the user gets one of the following errors when trying to access the client.

  1. Error starting net_notify_notifylink_ota:Module 'net_notify_notifylink_ui_lib' not found
  2. Uncaught exception:java.lang.Error   (This error has no Details)
  3. java.lang Illegal state exception

You may see additional errors but these are the most common.


To get the client installed successfully you should try the following steps in order.

Step 1:
Retry the OTA install. If it fails again proceed to the next step.

Step 2: 
If the OTA install fails you will need to install thru the desktop installer. To do this you will first need to have the Blackberry desktop software installed on the PC. You will also need to have the device software installed on the PC and updated on the device.

1.      On the PC go to the following link, and choose your carrier, on the next page you should choose the blackberry desktop software first. Click Next. You will see several installation packages. You should choose the package that is without Media Manager.

2.      After the Desktop software is downloaded run the installer. When prompted with integration Options choose Blackberry Internet Service.

3.      Next Download the Blackberry handheld software from the same link above, Instead of choosing the Desktop software, select the correct software for your device, This install is has no options that you need to be concerned about. After both are installed go to step 3.

Step 3 :

1.      Go to, select Device Clients, then select Blackberry Devices, next select Download Desktop Installer. From the next page look towards the bottom and you will see Download Blackberry Client and Download Blackberry client with Attachment support. Choose one of these. Next, unzip the files into a folder so you can add them in the application loader below.

2.      Hook the device up to the USB cable (or cradle)

3.      Open "Blackberry Desktop Manager" software

4.      Select "Application Loader"

5.      Click "Add" and navigate to the folder where the Notifylink.alx file is located. (Make sure that the file is the correct file for your device operating system. If you are running on a 3.6- 3.7 OS select NotifyLink(36-37).alx, the 3.8-4.0 OS select the NotifyLink(38-40).alx for the 4.1 and 4.2 OS select the NotifyLink(41).alx)

6. The device will reboot.

After the device reboots you should be able to go into the NotifyLink Email Icon to register the client.

If after completing all these steps you are still receiving an error please contact support.

Please note that this issue should be resolved in NotifyLink Client version 4.5.6 and higher.