Device continually prompts for authentication password
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 12 November 2009 12:09 PM

NotifyLink Device Clients:

If the device is continuously prompting you for the authentication password:

1. Remember the authentication password is case sensitive.

2. If you are registering Manually where you enter the external IP address, please make sure that the IP or DNS matches exactly what you have in the Admin Console under Server Administration/Messaging Settings. If you are using DNS then they both must be DNS, if you are using an IP then both must be IP addresses.

3. If using a Blackberry device, does the clientdevicesakey match on both the device and the server? On the device, this sakey appears under Email -> click on the scroll wheel and select Account Settings and the number appears at the very top. In the Admin Console this appears in User Administration -> Select the User -> User Statistics and it will appear at the very top. If these sakeys are not the same then contact support to resolve.

4. If using a Windows Mobile version 5 device, then make sure that there are no messages stuck in the Outbox on the phone. Messages should leave the Outbox and enter Sent Items. If there are items here, delete them and try syncing again.