Device Preinstallation Guide
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 12 November 2009 12:02 PM

NotifyLink Device Clients:

NotifyLink for Your Device:  Getting Started

What's in This Document

This document provides a few guidelines for preparing to install NotifyLink onto your device.   You'll find information on:


  • Device Requirements
  • Memory Requirements
  • A Few Do's and One Don't

Consult the NotifyLink device user guides for information on installing, using and customizing NotifyLink on your device.  Good resources for getting questions answered are the product release notes and the Notify knowledge base.  And should you need us, the Notify Technical Support team can be contacted at   Welcome to the NotifyLink family!

Device Requirements

Your mobile phone service provider must support data transmission.  Please refer to your device User Guide or contact your mobile phone service provider for help in configuring this service.


As a user of NotifyLink, you are part of a NotifyLink system so your device must first be set up with an account on a hosted or on-premise version of NotifyLink Enterprise Server.  Verify this with your IT Administrator.

Memory Requirements

The amount of free space required to install the NotifyLink application varies according to the device platform on which you are operating. 



Free Space for Installation




2MB required if installing DynoPlex files in addition to NotifyLink






Requirement for current beta version of NotifyLink for Symbian

Windows Mobile 5


Requirement includes space required for .net cf 2.0 and SQL Mobile

*This is the amount of space you need for installation only.  You will need additional memory to download and store messages and PIM items. 


Do's and Don'ts 

DO...fully charge your battery before your begin.

...a full backup of the device.

...make sure you are in a serviceable mobile phone area.

...feel free to use synchronization software, such as Microsoft ActiveSync®, Nokia IntelliSync®, or Palm HotSync®, to download the NotifyLink application onto your device, BUT...

use other synchronization software to synchronize your email and PIM (calendar events, contacts, and tasks) once NotifyLink has been installed.  NotifyLink will handle all email and PIM synchronization.