Setting Firewall Idle Connection Timeout for Direct Push Users
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 12 November 2009 11:57 AM

GO!NotifyLink Devices Clients:Firewall Timeouts

Administrators should set idle connection timeouts on outgoing firewalls to a value that equals or exceeds the direct push timeout value users have set for their devices.

Firewalls with idle connection timeouts less than the direct push timeout will close the direct push session rendering mail undeliverable until the device reconnects.  The result is users who are unsynchronized for long periods of time. 

Idle timeout sessions that exceed the direct push timeout will ensure that firewalls do not close the session.

Low idle timeout sessions force a device to reconnect several times, consuming additional battery power.  The longer the connection can remain idle, the less often devices will have to wake up and retransmit, and the longer the battery life will be.

See firewall configuration diagrams in the Direct Push User Guide.