SMTP Telnet Test
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 12 November 2009 10:53 AM

GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server:

If you are seeing an error stating "Relaying denied" in the ResponseHandler.log, the first thing to do is test the connectivity between the GO!NotifyLink Server and your SMTP Server. To do this, complete the following steps, pressing "enter" after each command:

1. Open a command prompt from the GO!NotifyLink Server (the server with the GO!NLES Messaging Component, if multiple server setup)

2. Type "telnet 25" (without quotes, where is the internal IP address of your SMTP server)

3. Type "HELO Notifylink" (without quotes)

4. Type "MAIL FROM:" (without quotes, and this must be a fully qualified name)

5. Type "RCPT TO:" (without quotes, and this must be a fully qualified name)

6. Type "DATA" (without quotes)

7. Type "This is a test" (without quotes)

8. Type a period (.) (without quotes)

9. Type "Quit" (without quotes)

If successful, you will see a notification that the message was sent. If this was not successful, you will get an error on the specific line that it failed on. If this test fails on step 5, there are 2 items that you can look for:

1. See if you have McAfee installed on your GO!NotifyLink Server. By default, port 25 is blocked. You must allow this server to send mail over port 25. Or,

2. Ensure that you have relaying set up in your SMTP server. You will need to contact your Network Administrator for assistance in completing this.