Attachments not processing
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 12 November 2009 10:33 AM

NotifyLink Enterprise Server:

Problem:  I have not been able to retrieve any attachments on my device. I have verified that my settings are correct in the admin console and then went to check the attachmenthandler.log file on the server.  In the log file I see my attachment name but it fails with an error code 183.
(CCommandRender::DoConversion - Conversion Process exited with code: 183) 

Cause: This error is a conversion timeout error and is sometimes caused by the macro settings of Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint being set to high.

1. Kill all existing occurrences of Word and Excel through taskmgr.
2. Go into Microsoft Word.
3. From the menu select Tools/Macro/Security.
4. Change the macro setting to Low.
5. Click OK and exit out of Word. 

Complete steps 1-5 for Excel and Powerpoint.

You should also refer to the PSKill documentation in this Knowledge Base to further prevent attachment failures.