GO!Notifylink Email Flow from Server to Device
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 12 November 2009 10:30 AM

GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server:


Mail Server to Device:

1. Email (or PIM) is received in Mail User's account. 

2. Gleaner takes the message and places it into Internet Message Queue. 

3. Internet Message Service takes the message and places it into HWP table. 

4. For poll, the device then looks in HWP table and pulls messages.

5. For push, after Internet Message Queue receives message, an SMS message is generated while simultaneously placing the message into HWP and placed in the SMS Message Queue.

6. Notification Controller service takes the message from SMS Message Queue and adds a header that includes From...  and To... and places it on the SMTP Server.

7. A SMS message is sent to the device from the SMTP Server telling it to look in the HWP table for a new message.  The device then goes and retrieves the message from the HWP table.


Device to Mail Server:

1.      Email originates from Device.

2.      Message sent to Response Handler.

If everything connects successfully, message sent to SMTP Server.