Filter Issues with NLES 4.6
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 12 November 2009 09:34 AM

GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server:

There are some issues with the behavior of filters in NLES 4.6 that should be noted. They are listed below:

Base64 Encoded Body

Issue: If your email client is configured to base64 encode the body of a message and you create a filter with the criteria, 'The body of the message contains:' then the filter will not match. This is because NLES compares the encoded body to the filter criteria which is not base64 encoded.

To/From Fields are Partial Matching

Issue: The to and from criteria for a filter are partial match criteria. This means that a to or from filter of 't*' would match any email address with a single t anywhere in it. i.e. or

Single Wildcard Character ?

Issue: If you create a filter that only contains the wildcard character '?', it will match everything. This type of filter is probably not useful, but the behavior differs from the behavior in NLES 4.5 so it should be noted.