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Testing the SCALIX ADMIN protocol via TELNET
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 09 November 2009 01:47 PM


If you have set up a SCALIX ADMIN protcol for Notifylink and Notifylink is not logging into a user's account successfully, you will usually see Error code 4 being displayed inside User Statistics. You can test the login through Telnet and here is the syntax to do so:

TELNET [IP or DNS of the mailserver] 143 (Press Enter)

a login "mboxadmin:[adminUsername]:[userUsername]" "[adminPassword]" (Press Enter)

** The [] are not needed when going through the Telnet test.

The test should either come back with an "OK login completed" or a "LOGIN failed, check username or password"

If a Login failed was received, here are a few things that can be checked:

- Verify that the Superuser username and password are correct
- Verify that the userUsername is the correct username of the user you are testing.
- Verify that the Superuser has mbox and full adminstrator capabilities.
- Verify that the userUsername DOES NOT have the same mbox and full administrator rights as the Superuser.