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CGP Constant PIM Changes
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 06 November 2009 11:11 AM
CGP Constant PIM Changes

Symptoms: Slow synchronization (due to many PIM changes being sent to the device)/ Many PIM notifications displayed in device Inbox (if PIM Change summary is enabled)

Description: This problem can be the result of PIM items on the server having the same unique identifiers (UIDs). NotifyLink stores the UIDs of items in its database. If two (or more) items on the server have the same UID, they will map to ONLY one item in the NLES database. Thus, each time NLES talks to the server and retrieves PIM items it thinks there are changes for the events with the same UIDs because the information contained within the items is different, but the UID is not.

Resolution: This problem has been discussed with CGP technical support. It should only manifest itself when the CGP server has a server-side MAPI connector that is version 1.1.36 or below and items were created in Outlook. The only way to stop the problem is to find out which events are problematic and to recreate them ensuring that the server-side MAPI connector is AT LEAST version 1.1.37. In order to discover which items on the server have duplicate UIDs several steps must be taken.

1. Examine the NLPIM.log on the server to show which PIM items (events, tasks or contacts) are changing for a particular account each cycle. If the same items are being displayed as having changes on each cycle, then they may have the same UID.
2. Once a list of possible problematic items is obtained, verify that the UIDs are indeed the cause of the problem by entering the user’s account via the CGP web client and opening the items.
a. In the CGP web client there is an icon that can be clicked when viewing an item that will allow you to view the ‘raw text’ of the item. This is usually an icon with a few ones and zeros in it and located on the right hand side of the item, but this may vary depending on which skin is being used in the web client.
i. Opening the ‘raw text’ of the item will show a VCALENDAR/VCARD for the item. Here a list of tags will be displayed which are effectively the contents of the item. We are interested in two tags: the PRODID tag and the UID tag.
ii. The PRODID tag will display the product that was responsible for creating the item. If the item was created in Outlook via the MAPI connector, the PRODID will be: ‘CommuniGate Pro MAPI Connector x.x.xx’. Where x.x.xx is the version of the connector and should be 1.1.36 or less.
iii. Take note of the UID tag as it will need to be compared to the UID of the other items that are suspected as having this issue.
3. Repeat step 2 in order to obtain a list of UIDs. Any 2 or more items that have the same UID tag will be sending down changes each cycle. In order to stop the constant changes, these items will need to be recreated using AT LEAST version 1.1.37 of the MAPI connector.

Prevention: This problem should only manifest itself when the CGP server has a server-side MAPI connector that is version 1.1.36 or below. To prevent the issue from occurring, the server must be updated with AT LEAST 1.1.37 of the MAPI connector. A later version of the connector 1.2.3 is said to provide even more protection against generating duplicate UIDs.