Patch Installer returns "Error Backing Up NLES Directory"
Posted by Heather Burkett on 04 November 2009 10:05 AM

NotifyLink Patch Installer:



When running the patch installer to update your installation of the NotifyLink Enterprise Server, the update failed with "Error Backing Up NLES Directory"


Solution 1:

1. Check to see if any additional folders have been created within the NLES directory that are not a part of the standard NLES installation. 

2. If there are non-standard NLES files then Notify may not have the proper permission to backup those files.

3. Either remove the non-standard files from the NLES directory and try again or adjust the permissions on those files to give "Everyone" full permissions to those items.

4. Attempt to run the patch installer again.


Solution 2:

1. Verify if the NLES_Backups folder has been created at the root of the drive you have NLES installed to.  For example, the root of C:\ is default.

2. If the folder exists, check the permissions on this folder and give "Everyone" full permission to this folder.

3. Attempt to run the patch installer again.