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Security violation dialog related to an IT Policy violation is displayed every Get/Send
Posted by Matt Kuebler on 30 October 2009 01:31 PM



A security dialog related to an IT Policyviolation is displayed at every Get/Send. You are required to dismissthe dialog in order to complete a Get/Send cycle.

Error Message

Theapplication has attempted to open a connection to a location inside thefirewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your ITpolicy.


This dialog is caused by a bug inthe BlackBerry device software that is incorrectly identifying aconnection to the local file system (including an SD card ) as a localintranet connection. Since NotifyLink frequently checks the status ofthe SD card as part of the device management features, a device in thisscenario will show a security violation dialog at every Get/Sendattempt.


1. Update your device operating system software to the latest available version for your device.

Ifyou are not using the most current version of the device operatingsystem software available you should first upgrade. This problem hasbeen resolved in most 4.5 releases of the device operating systemsoftware. Even if there is no 4.5 upgrade available for your device, itis still recommended to upgrade to the newest version available.

Youcan check this by locating your carrier from the drop-down menu on thefollowing page and looking for updates for your device model:

2. Remove the Notify Core Library module that NotifyLink uses to access the local file system and SD card.

Youcan remove the module that is required for accessing the local filesystem to prevent this problem from occurring, however, you will besacrificing all NotifyLink features that require access to the filesystem such as sending attachments, saving attachments, or viewingnative attachment file types.

To remove this module you will need to use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to install the version of NotifyLink available here:

A. Make sure that you have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 4.7 installed.

B. Launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and add both .ALX files in the .ZIP file from the link above to the Application Loader.

C. Select Options and make sure to choose the option to Erase AllApplications. Make sure to also select the option to back up yourpersonal data if you do not want to lose all of the information on yourdevice.

D. Select Next or Finish to complete the wizard and yourdevice software will be reloaded without the module that NotifyLinkuses for file system access.

3. If you have a BES server inyour infrastructure you can use it to send a default or some othernon-restrictive IT Policy to the device.

The specific BESpolicy that applies to this problem is called “Allow Split-PipeConnection”. This policy must be ENABLED to eliminate the securityviolation dialog from appearing.