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Events and tasks beyond Look Ahead cutoff are not deleted when expected
Posted by Account Management Team on 29 October 2009 02:48 PM

When an event or task created on the device occurs or is due on a date beyond the Look Ahead range, the event/task is not deleted until midnight or until the LookBack/LookAhead range changes.

Events or tasks created on a device verify against the look-ahead cutoff on the server (set in the NotifyLink web Calendar Format page).  They are deleted from the device if they exceed the cutoff.  However, the server in these cases, is not sending the delete until midnight or until the LookBack/LookAhead range changes.  The delete should be sent during the same Pim cycle the device update is processed.

Similarly, when the look-ahead cutoff is moved back to the point where it excludes existing events/tasks, the server is not sending the delete when expected.