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Pim Credentials need password assigned to users profile.
Posted by Account Management Team on 29 October 2009 02:37 PM
Oracle versions 10 and greater:

We have seen where the Pim credentials supplied will generate an error code 551, and or “login failure”. Below is the procedure to verify a password was set for your user’s profile.

1) Log into your profile within Oracle and go to “change my password” tab

2) Under the application passwords, check the “Default Shared Application Numeric Pin Profile” and select the update password button. This field needs a password set in order for PIM to check successfully.

3) You can now update and confirm your password here.

When adding the password, you can use your current email password and/or assign a different password. If you do assign a new password, you will need to go within NotifyLink Admin under “edit user” update the fields for the “Oracle Pim Login Information”.