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PIM Items with the Same Name
Posted by Account Management Team on 29 October 2009 02:16 PM


This issue involves PIM items of the same type (event, contact, task), with the same name.  Additions, changes, and deletions of such items made from the device at the same time (thus processing in one cycle) are all not processed on the server.  Only one add/change/delete is processed.  Examples:

When multiple events (or tasks or contacts) with the same name are created on the device, only one is synchronized to the server. 

When multiple contacts (or events or tasks) with the same name are deleted from the device, all are deleted on the device, but only one is deleted on the server. 

When multiple tasks (or contacts or events) with the same name are changed from the device, all are changed on the device, but only one is change is processed on the server.

This issue will be resolved in NotifyLink Enterprise Server v4.5.