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Mailbox checking successfully, but no email is getting to the device (v 4.0.1)
Posted by Account Management Team on 29 October 2009 10:15 AM
This primarily pertains to the Notifylink 4.0.1 server. User Statistics is showing Mailbox checked successfully and the Timestamp is up-to-date but no email is being found or sent to the device.

Here are a couple things to check:

1. Check Folders in the Notifylink Admin console under User Statistics -> Select the user -> User IT Policies -> Folders.

- If you do not see the INBOX, then the Inbox was probably moved out of the root of the GroupWise client.

- Drag the Inbox back under the root of GroupWise and the issue should be resolved.

2. Check how much email is in the Inbox or any other folder that the user is having checked by Notifylink and brought over to the device.

- If there are roughly 4900 emails in the inbox (or any other folder that is being checked by Notifylink), move, archive, or delete enough email out of the folder that is exceding the 4900 email limit to bring it under this threshold.