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Message Availability
Posted by Account Management Team on 29 October 2009 09:58 AM

What is “Message Availability” in the NotifyLink Admin console (User IT Policies-> Control Options) or Client console (General tab -> Control button) and what does it do?

This setting is used for amount of days that an email on a device can have a reply action or forward action performed to it.

Specific details: “Message Availability” is specifically corresponds to the Notification Checkpoint table in the NLES_IMAP4_POP3 database.

Example: “Message Availability” is set to 30 days (default), any messages 31 days or older on device can not be replied to or forwarded as it will not find the corresponding email on the server, thus failing to deliver the message (forward/reply) sent from the device.

Recommendation: Set the cleanup jobs on the users device to the same duration as the “Message Availability” setting on the Admin/Client console, as this will avoid users sending/replying to emails from devices that are older than the duration set for “Message Availability”.