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Creating or Modifying Calendar Events From a Device
Posted by Account Management Team on 29 October 2009 09:55 AM
Meeting Maker:

This issue involves calendar events created or modified on the device. After NotifyLink processes the add/change, an update will be sent back to the device for the same event. If the device user has PIM Change Summary enabled on the device (off by default) or Display Popups enabled on the device (on by default), a change notification will show up on the device.

Additionally, when using a wired device, if the event is again edited on the device before the update from the server is processed, a conflict will be detected. By default conflict resolution is set to 'Server wins' so the device change will be discarded. To prevent this from happening, the conflict resolution setting may be changed to 'Device wins' or 'Prompt on device'.

NOTE: These issues no longer occurs after applying nlpim.exe hotfix v4.3.0.5.
NOTE: These issues are fixed in NotifyLink Enterprise Server version 4.5.0