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GleanerController Error 10820, Message Not Sent To Device
Posted by Account Management Team on 29 October 2009 09:53 AM

This issue applies to customers that are running various versions of GroupWise.

Processing of some messages may results in error code 10820 and the message will not be sent to the user's device. The error will be seen in the GleanerController.log file, for example:

[Fri Jan 12 15:05:31 2007] Returned error code 10820 for ClientDeviceSAKey xxxxxx, MailboxKey xxx

The NotifyLink message gleaning process first gets the size of the message and then attempts to retrieve the actual message based on that size. GroupWise is not returning the size correctly for some messages, which results in the 10820 error and the message not being sent to the device successfully.

If you are running GroupWise 6.5.3, resolve this issue by upgrading the GroupWise system to v6.5.4.

If you are running GroupWise 7.0, resolve this issue by using the 7.0.3 HotPatch 2.

Note added June 21, 2010:  This issue has again been reported with GroupWise 8.0.1 and Novell has reported it to be resolved in version 8.0.3.
Novell has identified this as an issue and it is currently being tracked in Novell's defect number: 606044