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Contact change detected after email is sent using GroupWise Client
Posted by Account Management Team on 29 October 2009 09:50 AM

This issue occurs when contact synchronization is enabled and the NotifyLink user sends an email using the GroupWise Client. The next time NotifyLink processes the user's account, NotifyLink may detect a change for one or more of the contacts that were listed as a recipient of the email. By default, updating of the Frequent Contacts occurs anytime a user sends an email to someone.  A modification timestamp is updated when the Frequent Contacts reference count is incremented resulting in a contact change.

To prevent contact changes in this situation:

     i.      Users can change the default behavior in the GroupWise Address Book Client. In the Address Book client, right-click Frequent Contacts, go to Properties, Options tab. Click "Auto-saving off" radio button, click OK. The GroupWise Client must be closed after making the change, and then can be reopened.
     ii.     A GroupWise user can also change the Contacts folder to point to any Personal Address Book in their account. Since only the Frequent Contacts book is updated by the GroupWise client, if the Contacts folder is pointing to another Personal Address Book, a user may not see this behavior.