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Kerio contacts do not contain the email address on the device
Posted by Account Management Team on 28 October 2009 04:47 PM

Problem: User has performed an OTA load of contacts on their device.  All contacts came down to the device successfully but some or all of them do not contain an email address.

Explanation:  In NotifyLink Enterprise Server for Kerio version 4.3.0, this is a known issue.  There are two reasons for this problem.  First deals with the way that email addresses are handled between both Entourage and Outlook and the Kerio server. The second deals with the way multiple email address fields are handled between the NLES server and the device. All three of the email fields are called the same thing. The device will only pull the first field and see the other two as duplicates and ignore them. This will be resolved in the 4.5 version of the NotifyLink for Kerio server. 

A work-around before the upgrade to 4.5 would be to copy the email address in the Kerio contact into all 3 of the email address fields.  This will then appear on the device properly.

NOTE: This issue is resolved in the NotifyLink Enterprise Server release version 4.5.0.