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Contact categories created on the device are not selected for processing
Posted by Account Management Team on 28 October 2009 04:41 PM

When a contact is created on the device with a new category, the category is synchronized and created as an address book on the server.  The new address book is listed when viewed in the NotifyLink Administrative Web console, but is not selected for synchronization. 
Because the address book is not selected for synchronization:
   -changes made to contacts in that address book from the server will not synchronize to the device 
   -contact loads will not synchronize contacts from that address book to the device

To avoid these issues, users can select the new address book for synchronization from the Administrative Web or Client Web.
   Client Web:  PIM > Contacts > Choose Address Books
   Admin Web:  User IT Policies > Server Policies > Contact Sync Settings >Choose Address Books

This issue is resolved in NotifyLink Enterprise Server version 4.6.0.