IMAP telnet test
Posted by Heather Burkett on 26 October 2009 11:24 AM
To test connectivity between your NotifyLink Server and your Mail Server, complete the following telnet test, pressing "enter" after each command:

1. Pull up a command prompt on the NotifyLink Server
2. Type "telnet 143" (without quotes, where is the internal IP address of your mail server)
3. Type "a login username password" (without quotes, where username and password are the login credentials that are used by the user for email)
4. Type "a select inbox" (without quotes)

You can also run this test for any other IMAP folder. Just replace "Inbox" with the folder you want to test. If the test fails after the first line, the mail server may not be functioning properly, or you may be trying to telnet to the wrong mail server for this user. If the test fails at the second line, you may have the wrong username/password, or trying to telnet to wrong mail server for this user. If the test fails at the third line, the inbox may not be in the root directory

Another command that you can also run is to select the entire list of user's IMAP folders once you have followed the login process above.
Type the following:
a list "" "*"