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Reloading data on Palm webOS devices requires a workaround
Posted by Donna DeEulio on 16 October 2009 03:29 PM

Deleting data from a device and reloading it from the server is often used as a troubleshooting measure.  Palm webOS devices, however, do not include a mechanism to remove mail and PIM data and reload it from the server. 


From the Administrative Web console select User Administration > (select a user) > Edit User.  For the particular server in question (Incoming Mail Server or PIM Server), change the Server setting to None.  Then click Apply Changes to save the change.  Then set the server back to what it should be and apply changes again.  This reloads the PIM data on the server and in turn on the Palm webOS device.

Another option is to delete the Exchange ActiveSync account from the device and register the account again. NOTE: This is the method that must be used for reloading Contact data. 

The next major release of NotifyLink Enterprise Server will provide a web console option that initates a delete/reload of data making these workarounds unnecessary.