Knowledgebase: Windows Mobile 5
Using NotifyLink with WiFi on the Pocket PC and Smartphone
Posted by Donna DeEulio on 14 October 2009 01:50 PM
Windows Mobile 5:

WiFi, by default, on the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile Professional) and Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard) is automatically disconnected when the screen turns off.

If NotifyLink is using WiFi to connect to the server, when the screen turns off, NotifyLink will no longer be able to connect to the server for synchronization.

Work Around for Pocket PC:

On the PPC, there is no way to disable this. The workaround is to set your screen to "Never turn off". This, of course, will tax the battery life.

Work Around for Smartphone:

On the Smartphone, there is an option typically under Connections > WiFi Settings > Power Mode called:
"Auto turn off WiFi if no WiFi or user activities after LCD OFF over: <timeout>" 
Un-checking this will allow NotifyLink to function with the screen off under WiFi.

NOTE: This is only an issue for WiFi. This issue does not pertain to the Data Connection.